A metaverse where you can create content, socialize with your friends, shop to your heart's content and earn.





About Us

QQS is a tokenized decentralized platform aimed at creating a metaverse with the most advanced 3D creation engine to produce an immersive virtual experience with stunning visualizations and user experience.

Brandishing a new concept – BURN to EARN (B2E)
QQS has developed its own token, QQT with a unique concept B2E to incentivize Quazinians (QQT token Holders). Burn your tokens and be eligible for daily emission rewards!

QQS vast user base will allow monetisation through advertising and sponsorship providing an opportunity to share in revenue generation via a NFT mechanism.

Imagine a place where you

Can create and post content similar to YouTube.

Make new friends and socialize similar to Facebook

Shop as easily as you can similar to Amazon.

All of these in ONE 3D WORLD

a World not owned by anyone, but everyone


QQ World

QQS will provide an unprecedented VR Experience for the community, bringing all users together in one immersive and engaging environment.

By using the world's most advanced real time 3D Creation tools, Quazinians will leverage this technology to create stunning visualisations and user experience. QQS users will be able to earn revenue through real estate ownership, advertising revenue, play games, build networks and much more.

QQ Card

The debit card that allows you to Spend to Earn (S2E) and purchase products with the highest rebates in the market.

“Burn” your way up the tiers to get a 15% rebate on products on top of the emission daily earned with the best card in the world.

QQ App

With the unique QQS concept of B2E. Quazinians  are able to do P2P exchanges or sales between users with an opportunity to increase their daily emission shares.


QQ NFT is a vital part of our ecosystem dealing with NFT (Non-fungible tokens). These collectible series range from Quokka digital art to Virtual Real Estate NFT.One of the uses for  QQ’s Virtual Real Estate NFT will give you ownership of an allocated space in our QQ World. It is similar to buying a plot of space and it can be rented out or sold for profit. Owners of the NFT can also trade them at our OTC NFT counter.


QQS is a decentralized autonomous organisation where community members can participate in the governance decisions of QQS. We are a community where everyone involved gets to contribute in decision making that helps benefit the community as a whole. All voting rights will be given to eligible members of the community making this world not owned by a single organization, but all voters of the community.

A metaverse where enthusiasts will come for

A friendly Environment for Partnerships & Social Networking

An opportunity to access Educational & Learning Tools

Secure Decentralised virtual world

Multiple stream’s of income

Buy, Sell & lease virtual real estate

Mechanics of QQT

Burn to Earn (B2E)

Whenever anyone purchases QQT, it will be 100% burnt, and Quazinians will be eligible for daily emission until 9.9 billion QQT has been fully emitted.

This component is to create a fairer model not only to benefit the early adopters of QQS but also to Quazinians who come in later. We want to create QQS in a way that both old and new Quazinians will enjoy similar benefits.

Mechanics of QQT

QQT Emission Allocation

Emission will be based on the amount of QQT burnt and is emitted daily for all Quazinians.

Emission will be distributed based on the emission shares you have from the Main pool (80%) and DAO Pools (20%).

Token Utility

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Utilities Values
The native token, QQT is the main token used in QQS. Token holders will be known as Quazinians. Access to QQS will be free to all whether you’re a Quazinian or not. However larger holdings of QQT will give Quazinians exclusive privileges
When QQT is purchased, it will be automatically burnt. For each QQT burnt, Quazinians will get 1 main pool share. Each main pool share will give 1 QQ Credits (QQC) and 1 QQ Governance (QQG).”
Quazinians who burn QQT will be entitled to QQC which can be used to purchase digital assets, products and services in QQ World. Quazinians will be able to monetize and customize their owned assets. Example: Real Estate can be monetized by licensing, renting or selling using QQC.
QQS will work on a Governance model. Quazinians with QQT burnt will be entitled to QQG. Holders of QQG will form part of that Governance council. Each Quazinian will vote via a DAO. Proposals will be made to the DAO where QQG holders will vote with the majority vote winning.
Sponsorship & Advertising will play a key role in generating revenue in the QQS ecosystem QQS is a metaverse platform that attracts crypto users & other communities and therefore is a key opportunity for advertising & sponsorship to captivate our audience for all business types.
Quazinians will receive QQ Rewards by building communities. More QQ Rewards can be generated by growing more communities.
Quazinians are eligible to apply for QQ Debit Card (QQ Card). The more QQT you burn, the higher your tier of rebates. Quazinians are allowed to Spend to Earn (S2E) using the QQ Card and enjoy high rebates while spending.


QQ Rewards

Invite a friend and get 20% additional shares to your daily emission shares

Get more emission shares from the QQT burnt within your communities.

QQ Rebates

Quazinians are eligible to apply for QQ Card. QQ Card is available in VISA and UNIONPAY debit cards.

The more tokens you burn, the higher your rebate rate. 










$10,000 worth of QQT

$30,000 worth of QQT

$80,000 worth of QQT

$150,000 worth of QQT

$300,000 worth of QQT

Annual Fee